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To promote local artists' work and make art accessible to communities through available media space

Our Mission:


Communities need art. We introduce artists to their communities in a big way - giving more people access to art in the places they commute everyday.


Communities Need Art

In a time when arts budgets are on the chopping block and we struggle to disconnect from our devices, public art is more important than ever. So much more than a beautiful addition to our urban landscape, public art unites, strengthens and grows communities. ArtPop ensures those communities always have access to art by supporting the artists that create it, giving them huge public canvases on which to create.

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Beyond 14x48

We don’t want to imagine a world without art. The impact we have on our cities goes well beyond the 48 feet of billboard space we offer to each artist.




Our Work Matters

Because art matters. It’s good for your brain, your children, your community and our economy. Studies show the simple act of experiencing art significantly lowers stress levels. Art is considered one of the building blocks of early childhood development. Residents report feeling stronger attachment to their cities and towns when there’s a strong commitment to arts. And the economic benefit is profound: Arts and culture contribute more than $700 billion to the national economy and employ nearly 5 million people. 



Community Artists

Since 2014, ArtPop has introduced over 300 artists to their communities, growing each artists’ individual impact and exposure.



Artpop Cities

ArtPop has had a presence in 14 cities from Nevada to Pennsylvania. We are always looking for new cities to add to our roster.



Free Advertising

ArtPop has provided nearly $17 million in free advertising to participating artists through static and digital highway billboards, street signage, and airport installations.


Our Programs

ArtPop is a 501c3 organization that gives communities across the country greater access to art, by supporting the artists that create it.

We do that by promoting their work on available media space — on billboards, on the sides of buses, across news racks, in airport terminals — which we secure through the generous donations of media companies across the country. ArtPop operates in 14 cities, and since 2014, we have displayed the work of more than 300 artists in our street galleries from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas. 


WHO Should Apply for ArtPop?

This program is open to individual artists from any discipline who are 18 years or older and interested in growing their careers as artists.  You need to have an active artist website or a site in which you sell your art.  ArtPop is not meant for "groups" or causes. If you have been chosen for ArtPop previously, you cannot reapply for 3 years as we want to promote as many different artists as possible. You must live in the city or county in which the call for artists is posted. 

How are Artists Selected?

After a call for entry closes, the artists’ work is juried in and some cities have a public vote component. Unfortunately we can’t accept everyone as space is limited. So if you are not chosen for the program the year you apply, we encourage you to apply again. Should your work be chosen, you need to be able to supply a 300 dpi high res image for printing purposes. No exceptions.


April 2019

What I really have enjoyed the few years we’ve participated is the diversity of submissions.

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Get Involved

Why do we need your help? Because defending our collective access to the arts takes time and money. The generosity of our sponsors ensures we have ample space to display the work of talented local artists, but it takes an extraordinary amount of energy and resources to ensure that space is populated with compelling work, that we grow the number of artists we promote, that we increase the amount of public outdoor space dedicated to art and that we expand beyond the communities we now serve. 


Respond to open calls

The first step to becoming an ArtPop artist is to respond to one of our open calls. See which cities are accepting new artists.


Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to add to our team. Your passion for art is a plus. We’d love to chat with you about how you can get involved.


Make a Donation

We can not do what we do without generous support from art lovers in each of our cities. Learn how you can contribute to our mission.


Upcoming Events

Want to hang with us? We’d love to have you.