Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop!

ArtPop is a program that promotes local artists' work through available media space. This program is made possible by generous donations of space from the OOH (Out of Home) advertising industry. Local media companies partner with local arts groups to create the ArtPop program. Work is juried, voted on and promoted in the market on available media space to a limited number of artists who are chosen for the program.  Each artist receives a value of $30,000-$70,000 in advertising value each year. 

Program Details:

If you have been chosen for ArtPop previously you can not reapply for 3 years.  We want to promote as many different artists as possible. 

This program is open to individual artists from any discipline (just think creatively about how you can best represent your work visually!) ages 18 and up.  You will need to crop your work or design your art to fit the rectangle (or square) space for the given display dimensions.  ArtPop can not be responsible for the cropping of your art.  Please read all directions in the call for your cities program.  If you do not send it sized correctly, it is automatically rejected.  

If you are not familiar with advertising design specs, seek out a former ArtPop artist, hire a photographer or graphic designer who understands the specs so your submission looks great.  We recommend the paid services of Melody Roberts her email is or there are 205 artists in the program to date, reach out to one, we are sure they will help you! 

Each city submission process may vary but typically Slideroom (tm),  CaFE' or (tm) is used.  

Should your work be chosen you need to be able to supply a 300 dpi high res image for printing purposes.  No exceptions.  Most calls only allow for a 5MB call upload, so know this will be expected if your work is chosen, be prepared for this, or you likely should not apply.  

Who should apply for ArtPop?  Artists 18 years or older who are interested in becoming full time artists or want to grow their careers as local artists.  Artists that have a website.   ArtPop is not meant for "groups" or causes.  

We do have student exceptions in some cities, but they are Sr. High and intentions of going to college to pursue and develop their careers as artists.  

You must live in the city in which the call is posted.  Pay close attention to the city or counties, state spelled out in the call. 

Your printed artwork could be potentially anywhere in the participating media market coverage area. There are no guarantees on locations, as they could be anywhere for any length of time, and vinyls or printed art will rotate across available locations in the market on a space available basis. To date this includes static and digital billboards, bus sides and news racks.
(most ArtPop programs are one year)  You will know exactly where your initial install will be the week it installs. 

There is limited to no costs to artists.  Some cities do have a entry fee.  The participating media company will provide the available media space and a donor/sponsor must cover the cost of production for the selected artists' vinyls.  Currently we have a mix of who has paid for the printed art works.  

Artist Selection Process:

Artists works are selected through properly sized submissions received and a jurying process along with a potential public vote. 

Not every city has a public vote.  Each city has a slight variance in delivery. 

If you are not chosen for the program the year you apply, please, keep applying every year!  If we had unlimited space, we would choose all of you!  Coming to a city near you...soon!    

If you're inspired to make a charitable donation, visit or make checks payable to ArtPop and mail to P.O. Box 5322 Charlotte, NC 28299.