How do I submit my work?

First, please read all directions in the call for your city’s program. You will need to crop your work or design your art to fit the given display dimensions. If you do not send it sized correctly, your submission will be rejected automatically.  If you are not familiar with advertising design specs, seek out a former ArtPop artist or hire a photographer or graphic designer who understands the specs so your submission looks great.  We recommend the paid services of Melody Roberts ( 

If I’m selected, where will my work appear?

There are no guarantees on location. Your printed artwork could be anywhere in the participating media market coverage area for any length of time. You will know exactly where your work will appear the week it installs.  

Is there any cost to artists?  

There is a cost to apply/submit your art, that can be $25 or more depending on the city of the call, etc.  We pride ourselves in having almost no cost of the actual program to the artist once chosen.  

This video will explain how to prepare your artwork for submission to the ArtPop Street Gallery