Board of Directors Update


I am so proud to announce our new board and vice chair here at ArtPop Street Gallery.

Shira Sagal has been a long time board member, then became Vice Chair, Shira Sagal is now our new board Chair. From Shira, “art has a visible doorway to an unseen world of experience, emotion, spirit and soul all around us everyday. Through art, we are drawn in to contemplate these things which shape our lives from day to day.”

We would also like to welcome our new Vice Chair, Chris Horner. Chris has been a supporter of ArtPop for years and loves attending our annual art auction and bringing his daughters to our pop up art shows here in Charlotte. Welcome, Chris and thank you for your service to ArtPop Street Gallery.

We are actively pursuing engaged, highly motivated board members, if you have interested in helping ArtPop Street Gallery further our missions with your time, ideas, financial support and talents, we would love to connect with you.

Thank You,


Wendy HickeyComment