ArtistsU - The business of art


On January 11th & 12th our Class of 2019 ArtPop Charlotte artists experienced our first ever course benefit in the business of art. This 2 day course was taught by the Founder of ArtistsU, Andrew Simonet.

We encourage all of you artists to go onto the website to the tools tab and download the 2 free workbooks there. They are invaluable resources on how to build as successful art career. We truly hope this is helpful to you.

As we raise the necessary funds we want to provide this benefit to artists in all of our ArtPop cities.

Our course in Charlotte was paid for by the Knight Foundation. 32 artists participated and it was an incredible learning experience.

We can’t wait to see how the year unfolds and hope to see you all soon.



Wendy HickeyComment