New news!

Hello friends of ArtPop!  

We are 7 renewal cities into our 2018 year and hope you have seen all the new art!  

Our Peoria, Illinois program will install the week of June 11, 2018 and we are thrilled to be back in Peoria for the 4th year!  You can see all the new art on our landing page, just click on the icons. 

So far Charlotte, NC -  Lehigh Valley & Pocono PA - Columbus OH - Norfolk, VA and Las Vegas programs have all installed on the streets of these cities!  

2018 is our pause year on opening any new cities as we work to secure our future!

We will be working on strategic plans and infrastructure so we can offer the best public art program possible in 2019 and beyond!   

We remain hopeful to return to Nashville, TN, Charleston, SC  Winston/Salem/Greensboro NC and Beaufort/Hilton Head again, however funding in all of these cities for our program has not been secured so we sure need your help if you know anyone who is interested in sponsoring or partnering us in these cities so we can return.  If you know anyone, send them my way! 

Email me at 

I hope you are having an amazing 2018 and I look forward to hearing from you!  

So much love, 


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