2017 is almost a wrap!

Hello friends of ArtPop!  We are choosing the final artists right now for 2017 and soon you will see all 14 cities ArtPop artists work on the ART tab.  

All 2017 calls have ended and we will come back in fall of 2017 with our calls for 2018! Stay tuned.

Charleston, SC is in it's last 24 hours of the public vote which will end at 1:00 pm on Friday, April 7, 2017.  Once this final artists' work is chosen, we will be announcing the 5 newest works for the program in our 14th city #ArtPopCharleston!  

Once all of the cities works have been printed and installed ArtPop will be in 14 cities and since our inception featured the work of 200 artists on available billboards, news racks and bus sides. 

We could not be more proud to have grown this program so large since we received our 501c3 in August of 2015.  

We will be using the time from May - September to reorganize, fund raise and find our future donors to be able to grow this program dream sized, perfect it and bring it to as many cities as possible. Our arts and media partners nationwide we adore you and thank you for everything you do to make ArtPop happen!  

If you are interested in partnering with ArtPop please email Wendy@ArtPopStreetGallery.com 

We are actively pursuing a $300,000 2018 sponsor, is that you?  


Wendy HickeyComment