$40,000 matching grant news!

17,600 minutes, 293 hours, 12 full days.  

That’s the amount of time the average American spends driving a car every year. And it’s too much time to waste staring at asphalt. 

Why not art instead? 

Therein lies the ArtPop mission: Showcase the work of local artists on available media space —billboards, news racks, buses — and improve the lives of those in the surrounding communities. Not only does this allow for great artists to be noticed, but it is taking the twelve days the average American sits in the car every year and contributing positively to their mental and physical well-being. 

Isn’t that a cause you can get behind? 

We sure hope so, because ArtPop is up for a matching grant, courtesy of the amazingly generous Reemprise Fund, that could change the state of public art across the country. If we raise $40,000 by April, we will receive a matching donation of $40,000. With a grant this large, we can only begin to imagine the artists we can support, the beauty we can bring to cities across the country and the happiness and health we can promote.  

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your contributions to be successful. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal, to promote local artists’ work and to make art accessible to communities through available media space.

For more information on how to donate today, please visit our donations page here.


Wendy HickeyComment