Thanksgiving - gratitude!

Reemprise Grant 

Nov. 22, 2017

As a nonprofit organization, our entire existence depends on the generosity of others. You believe in our organization so much that you are willing to give us your hard-earned money so we can continue our work. 

We are grateful every single day for that. 

Today we are particularly grateful because ArtPop has received a generous donation from Charlie Elberson, primary trustee and advisor for the Reemprise Fund within the Foundation for the Carolinas. 

It’s not his first gift to ArtPop. He is the reason our organization went through months of professional training and development this year, laying a strong foundation for us to achieve our wildest dreams. 

Now he’s giving ArtPop more of the resources we need to get there. 

If you don’t know Charlie, let us tell you: He is a force. He is vice president and insights strategist for Wray Ward and has been developing and building brands for more than 25 years. In Charlotte, he serves on the boards of various nonprofits. He’s also in a band, but we’ll let him tell you more about that… 

Suffice it to say, there’s a lot competing for his time, money and attention, and ArtPop made the cut. We can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for our organization, and for paving the way for our future success. It’s a powerful thing when someone believes in you and what you do. And Charlie is a believer. 

Thank you, Charlie. We’re going for it. 


The ArtPop team

Wendy Hickey, founder & executive director 

Lindsay McCleary, board chair 

Shira Sagal, vice chair 

Katrina Streiner, member 

Christine Switzer, member


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