Thank You!


We had an amazing turn out for our 4th Annual Art Auction on Saturday, August the 4th!

Stay tune to our social media for photos and more of our wonderful night.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to the event, we sold every piece of art donated!

What an amazing night!  Proceeds will benefit multiple cities to help us purchase vinyls for the billboards and offer more opportunities for artists locally and nationally!  

You all are amazing!!  



With so much gratitude!

We are days away from our 4th annual art auction (tickets are still available on Eventbrite) 

I wanted to take a few minutes of time to thank everyone who makes this event possible!

First, Annie Bednarski has worked tirelessly to manage this event and always does everything with a smile.  Thank You Annie!  Her right hand lady in this is Becca Farmer, Thank You Becca!

Our other volunteers working for this event the night of are Michael Haithcock, Bree Stallings, Traci Maynard, Banks Maynard, Krista Sirois, JoAnne Rogers, Katherine Winchester, Kristen Watts and Gerry King.   Thank You Caroline Sigmon for all the design work!  

Our musician is Scott Smith Acoustic, Stacy Jethroe & team bartending and our photographer is Alex Cason. 

Our food was sponsored by David Wagner, AIA  of Wagner Murray.  Beer and Wine from Common Market and spirits by our dear friend Dave Spisak who supports us every year!!  Thank You again, Dave!  Thank You all! 

To the artists who contribute art this year from our ArtPop programs across the country, so blown away by your generosity and your talent!  Arthur Rogers, Jr, Kelley Luikey, Julie Jones, Monique Luck, Hilary Siber, Pauline Dove Lamal, Eva Crawford, Carmella Jarvi, Gary Abramov, Holly Spruck,  Ju-Ian Shen, Julia Lawing, Janet Lasher, Leonor Demori, Kevin Marion, Duarte, Alison Bessesdotter, Montana Black, Joseph Watson, Christie DeBacker-Guziak, Donald Starr and Krissy Bohan.  Because of all of you our night is going to be so successful.  Thank You for giving back!

To all the businesses who donated silent auction items, Thank you!  Cork and Crate Wine Co, SouthBound, Awedience Media for the Cirque Du Soliel tickets, Legion Brewing, SoCo Shop, Sumbucha, Suarez Bakery, Cheers to Ewe, Unicum Systems Photography, Amelie's French Bakery, Koda Glass, Joseph Watson Art for the T's and our purrfect friends at Mac Tabby Cat Cafe 

This event continues to grow and evolve this year we will be at C3 Lab, Thank You to Maria, Glenn and Giselle.   Thank you to our board of directors, let's have some fun on Saturday night!  





Elder Gallery & ArtPop Invite YOU!

Hello friends of ArtPop!

If you are in and around the Charlotte, NC region on August 23, we hope you will join us at our first "inside" gallery event!  

The Fine Art of ArtPop!  We want to thank Elder Gallery, Sonya Pfeiffer and our sponsor the Reemprise Fund for making this possible.   

We can't wait to share with you the art of Nicholas Napoletano, Caroline Rust Ward, Barbara Ellis from our ArtPop Charlotte program as well as Janie Ball from our Charleston program!

Also the Bechtler Museum for the August 24 panel discussion with the artists!

We hope to see you there!




Le Meridien Charlotte, Pop Up Information

Hello friends of ArtPop!

If you live near the Charlotte region we have 2 more Pop Up shows coming up this year!

July 14 & September 15 at Le Meridien Charlotte Hotel at 555 S. McDowell Street in Uptown! In the EVOKE lounge.  

These events will feature 5 Charlotte regional artists in a pop up gallery, a great time to buy art direct, engage with artists or just attend and have a great time!

The event is free of charge and you can find the invite on our Facebook page (events)

6-9 pm, live music, passed hors d' oeuvres, $7 craft beer, wine specials and a signature cocktail will be created for the event!  

We hope to see you there and bring your friends!

Thank you to Le Meridien Charlotte for your constant support of local art!  




Annual Art Auction, Charlotte, NC

Hello friends of ArtPop!  

You know every June you can count on us for our annual art auction, our favorite party of the year!  

This year we have moved the event to August!  We also have changed venues and will be throwing our largest event yet!  Hope to see you  on August 4 at C3 Lab!  

We will have incredible art for sale from artists in our program from North Carolina to Las Vegas!

Silent auction items, live music, food, open bar and so much fun!  

Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased here:

Please buy your tickets in advance before they sell out.

Our board and volunteers!

Hello friends of ArtPop! 

I wanted to take a moment to update you all on our board and some of our many volunteers!

We are so grateful and thankful to our board and everyone who volunteers for ArtPop, let me tell you who some of those folks are! 

Board of Directors are Lindsay McCleary, Shira Sagal, Caroline Rust Ward, Leonor Neisler, Laurie Garner and Marcia Mullins.  Our board is made up of great folks from the Charlotte, NC & SC region and now Lakeland, FL as well!

We have a few volunteers who oversee our volunteer efforts, local and nationally.  Those volunteers are J Michael Haithcock, Bree Stallings and Cortney Frasier.  

Our Charlotte events manager is Annie Bednarski and our Keep CLT Beautiful street team cleanups Manager is Katherine Winchester. 

Our incredible graphic designers who do so much are Sam White, Claire Stuart and Caroline Sigmon and most recently, Hal Sadler. 

We have so many to thank and will continue to list and post more on all of our volunteers but wanted you to know who a few of them are. 

If you are interested in serving on our board and or being a volunteer for ArtPop, please reach out to me here: 

Thank you and support your local artists! 




New news!

Hello friends of ArtPop!  

We are 7 renewal cities into our 2018 year and hope you have seen all the new art!  

Our Peoria, Illinois program will install the week of June 11, 2018 and we are thrilled to be back in Peoria for the 4th year!  You can see all the new art on our landing page, just click on the icons. 

So far Charlotte, NC -  Lehigh Valley & Pocono PA - Columbus OH - Norfolk, VA and Las Vegas programs have all installed on the streets of these cities!  

2018 is our pause year on opening any new cities as we work to secure our future!

We will be working on strategic plans and infrastructure so we can offer the best public art program possible in 2019 and beyond!   

We remain hopeful to return to Nashville, TN, Charleston, SC  Winston/Salem/Greensboro NC and Beaufort/Hilton Head again, however funding in all of these cities for our program has not been secured so we sure need your help if you know anyone who is interested in sponsoring or partnering us in these cities so we can return.  If you know anyone, send them my way! 

Email me at 

I hope you are having an amazing 2018 and I look forward to hearing from you!  

So much love, 


Dreams do come true! Thank You! ArtPop 40 for 40

In the fall of 2016, a man named Charlie Elberson came into our lives.

He’s a well-known philanthropist in the Charlotte, NC community, and he took a liking to our little nonprofit. He generously donated funds in 2017 to help us define our strategic direction so our organization can grow to the levels we’ve dreamed about since ArtPop began. 

Then, he took things one step further. He pledged a matching $40,000 grant, if we could get our act together and raise $40,000 ourselves. 

And so began our #ArtPop40for40 campaign — an incredible, challenging and inspirational journey that came to an end on March 31, 2018.  We raised $35,594 by the time midnight rolled around, and we were beyond grateful to all of you for that success. You heard our call for funds and you gave. You showed us you believe in what we do, that it matters to the communities where you live. And that propels us forward. It inspires us. We are putting art in your face, and you like that — a lot. 

We were also beyond grateful to hear that Charlie was going to match what we raised, even though we didn’t hit our target. $71,000 is a lot to an organization like ours, and we knew our biggest plans could begin to take shape. 

Then Charlie came back with another wonderful surprise: He’s not giving us $35,000. He’s giving us $40,000. In his own words, here’s why: 

“A compelling vision, when matched with an inspired, hard-driving leader, is an almost-certain recipe for success. You’ve built an impressively effective organization in 14 markets, impacting local artists and their communities, all with one hand tied behind your back. It’s what’s enabled you to grow yourself into an independent and focused instrument for helping artists thrive. Even with all that to point to, it’s still like you’re just getting started. Looking ahead, your ability to grow and deepen your impact on artists and their communities will redefine success for ArtPop, and I have the privilege of being a participant in making it happen.”

We hope all of you find the Charlie in your lives — the person who will believe in you and push you forward and remind you that you can change the world. We can say firsthand that the impact is profound. 

Thank You to Foundation for the Carolina’s and the Reemprise Fund.  We are grateful.  

Watch us, and you’ll see. 


Obey Giant prints!

Hello friends of ArtPop,

Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant has made an incredible donation of 3 signed artists prints to support ArtPop Street Gallery in our ArtPop 40 for 40 campaign.  We are in a matching grant, where a individual donor is donating $40,000 to ArtPop in April when we raise our own $40,000 by March 31.  Be generous to our local artists program, please.  Thank You.

Auction details can be found here:



Update on #ArtPop40for40

Hello all of you amazing followers!  We thought it would be great to let you know that our fundraising platform is one of many ways we receive your support. 

It is easy for us to use this Crowdrise  "link in profile" on social media but we also receive donations through our P.O. Box 5322 Charlotte NC 28299 as well as grants and other sponsorship support.   

So long story short as of March 11 we have in $21,880 towards our $40,000 goal!  

We can't thank you enough and we have 31 days to get to the $40k. I know we can do it!

Thank you and much love,


Charlotte, NC - Pop Up Gallery Events are back!

Please join us on March 10 at Le Meridien Hotel Charlotte, 555 S. McDowell St in Uptown!

We will host 4 pop up gallery events this year, March 10, May 19, July 14 and September 15. 

We will have 5 artists that you can meet and buy art directly from.  This is a wonderful chance to get to know your local artists and have a great time!  

Live music, $7 craft beer and a red/white wine special and passed hors d' oeuvres.  Get your parking sticker inside at the EVOKE lounge and your parking is free.  The event is also free!  We look forward to spending the evening with you from 6-9 pm. 

Our March 10 event artists will be Carmella Jarvi (glass), Polly Dove Lamal (pen/ink/colored pencils), Gary Abramov (painter), Amanda Foshag (painter/fabric) Casey Cline (painter) 

Thank You to Le Meridien Charlotte and the EVOKE lounge for always supporting our local art community and ArtPop Street Gallery!  See YOU there!  Invite your friends. 

$40,000 matching grant news!

17,600 minutes, 293 hours, 12 full days.  

That’s the amount of time the average American spends driving a car every year. And it’s too much time to waste staring at asphalt. 

Why not art instead? 

Therein lies the ArtPop mission: Showcase the work of local artists on available media space —billboards, news racks, buses — and improve the lives of those in the surrounding communities. Not only does this allow for great artists to be noticed, but it is taking the twelve days the average American sits in the car every year and contributing positively to their mental and physical well-being. 

Isn’t that a cause you can get behind? 

We sure hope so, because ArtPop is up for a matching grant, courtesy of the amazingly generous Reemprise Fund, that could change the state of public art across the country. If we raise $40,000 by April, we will receive a matching donation of $40,000. With a grant this large, we can only begin to imagine the artists we can support, the beauty we can bring to cities across the country and the happiness and health we can promote.  

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your contributions to be successful. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal, to promote local artists’ work and to make art accessible to communities through available media space.

For more information on how to donate today, please visit our donations page here.


Thanksgiving - gratitude!

Reemprise Grant 

Nov. 22, 2017

As a nonprofit organization, our entire existence depends on the generosity of others. You believe in our organization so much that you are willing to give us your hard-earned money so we can continue our work. 

We are grateful every single day for that. 

Today we are particularly grateful because ArtPop has received a generous donation from Charlie Elberson, primary trustee and advisor for the Reemprise Fund within the Foundation for the Carolinas. 

It’s not his first gift to ArtPop. He is the reason our organization went through months of professional training and development this year, laying a strong foundation for us to achieve our wildest dreams. 

Now he’s giving ArtPop more of the resources we need to get there. 

If you don’t know Charlie, let us tell you: He is a force. He is vice president and insights strategist for Wray Ward and has been developing and building brands for more than 25 years. In Charlotte, he serves on the boards of various nonprofits. He’s also in a band, but we’ll let him tell you more about that… 

Suffice it to say, there’s a lot competing for his time, money and attention, and ArtPop made the cut. We can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for our organization, and for paving the way for our future success. It’s a powerful thing when someone believes in you and what you do. And Charlie is a believer. 

Thank you, Charlie. We’re going for it. 


The ArtPop team

Wendy Hickey, founder & executive director 

Lindsay McCleary, board chair 

Shira Sagal, vice chair 

Katrina Streiner, member 

Christine Switzer, member


Class of 2018 call for #ArtPopPocono is open now

Hello local artists of PA!  If you live in the counties of Monroe, Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna or Luzerne County, PA or the Slate Belt region of Northampton County, this call is for you!  

We are thrilled about entering our 3rd year in the Poconos' and want to thank our partners at Adams Outdoor Advertising of Northeast PA and Pocono Arts Council.  

Before we were ever known as ArtPop Street Gallery the first program we ever ran was in the Poconos' back in 2002, so this program is always extra special to us here at ArtPop.

Submissions are accepted now through 12/1/17.  Here:

VOTE for $50,000

ArtPop's founder, Wendy Hickey was nominated for the Eagle Rare Life Award and now through December 5, 2017 your vote could earn ArtPop Street Gallery $50,000.  Simply by voting!

No forms to fill out, no information asked, simply click VOTE.  

This type of funding could be a game changer for our program and make the difference for so many artists and communities.  

You can click vote here, takes 2 seconds and you can vote 1 x every 24 hours now through Dec. 5, 2017.  

Thank you for taking the time to help us be awarded this incredible opportunity.  

2018 #ArtPopLehighValley call is open now

Hello local artists of Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton and Montgomery counties as well as Warren County, NJ our call for artists submissions is now open here

Call is open now through December 6, 2017.  The specs for PA are different from the specs for NJ, so please be sure you are paying close attention to the details.  

If you are a Northampton County Slate Belt Region artist, wait to apply for #ArtPopPocono when that call opens later this fall.  

This will be our 4th year in the Lehigh Valley and we are so grateful to our partners at Banana Factory/ArtsQuest, Adams Outdoor Advertising of Lehigh Valley as well as Kutztown University.

Thank You and the best of luck to each of you who apply!  

2018 #ArtPopCLT call opens on 9/1/17

The call for the Class of 2017 #ArtPopCLT will be on on 9/1/17 and end on 10/15/17 11:59 pm mountain standard time.  If you are not registered with Call For Entry, please do so now. 

Don't wait until the last minute, especially if you are not familiar with the rectangular specs.

Live area of file will be 24" x 5.5" CMYK mode .PDF Format.   

There will be a $25.00 entry fee.  One image only will be accepted.  The call site will only allow for a 5MB file, please know if your work is chosen for the program you MUST be able to provide ArtPop with a 300 dpi high res image of your work when contacted that you have been chosen.  

If you are unsure how to lay out your art for the rectangle specs, hire someone who can help you or ask one of the ArtPop alumni to assist you.   If you are interested in a expert for hire, we recommend Melody Roberts or  

You must be from one of the 11 #ArtPopCLT counties in NC/SC spelled out in the call.  You will also need to have a website.  We want to provide a platform of exposure and amplify the careers of full time or artists who wish to be full time artists.  If you don't have a website, you can create a free one on or a host of many other sites out there that are free.  

You will also want to keep the date of 11/30/17 open for the annual artist reveal reception if you are chosen as one of the 20 Class of 2018 artists.  

We wish you all the very best!



3rd Annual ArtPop fundraiser on June 3, 2017

Hello friends of ArtPop!

We will be hosting our 3rd annual fundraiser for ArtPop Street Gallery in Charlotte, NC on June 3 , 2017.  We will have many local artists works of art as well as incredible silent auction items at the event for you to purchase.  Full bar, live music and as always, you know we throw a great party!

We do sell out every year so get your tickets in advance, please.  

Tickets available here:

If you are unable to attend but would like to donate to ArtPop you can safely do that at